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26 Main St.
Windsor, VT 05089

802 227 0008

Pure. Fresh. Vermont

That's what we offer at the Snapdragon Inn. Join us for a  relaxing getaway and explore the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire. 

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Saturday work day

The Snapdragon Inn

The "to do" list is never ending as you can imagine so it is necessary to have work days where lots of us can focus on a task. Many hands make light work, right? Right. This past Saturday we worked on clearing some brush, mulching the wedding path, weeding the beds by the fence and working on the path that will meander back there. It is slowly evolving. Takes time.

After we finished with a pool party. Photo care of Nathan Larson Photography.

Giveaway Day 1: Snapdragon Inn's White Christmas

The Snapdragon Inn

Welcome to Day 1 of our holiday giveaway. Nothing quite says holiday cheer like Irving Berlin's "White Christmas". Music. Holiday Cheer. An Inn in Vermont! To kick off the giveaway in as festive way as possible, presenting "Snapdragon Inn's White Christmas."

What's your favorite holiday song? Let us know and share this link to enter. Click the image below for more details. You can find us on facebook and twitter as well. You have until MIDNIGHT EST tonight to enter.

Halloween hi lites 2010


Our very own Princess Leia

Halloween Snappers in Oregon

Windsor Snappers
Illinois Snappers

Halloween seemed to come and go in a flash this year and now we are 2 weeks from Thanksgiving! Just wanted to share some the Snapdragon team's holiday fun.

Where have all the leaves gone?


"I'm the sheriff in this town", he told me.

It is amazing how quickly our world has become leafless. Last week, Big Red, had massive piles sucked up in a big leaf vacuum but the back hill is covered. I caught some of our little snappers looking for "the treasure" on the hill today. Lucky, the sheriff was around to help out!



This is a photo taken at the open house of many of us with the family that called 26 Main home before we bought it from them. It was so exciting to see their faces as they wandered in and out of every room. Apparently at one point, each of their daughters mentioned to their parents that they wanted to get married at the Snapdragon Inn and we would LOVE to have them. Here are a few pictures of the rooms before they moved. I think the kids liked seeing the transformation of their bedrooms. It was so great to have them there to share the day with us. Everyone who has lived or visited 26 Main feels a connection to this lovely home.

Room 3 Before and After

Room 9 Before and After

Weekend updates: some running water and a party!


Our first "event" on the porch

K80 with another masterpiece

The reupholster's toolbox

A cedar chest we are refinishing for Room 1

We've got running water in Bathroom 8

It was another busy weekend with a birthday party for the Inn baby who is more like the Inn kid now. We have lots of subcontractors in finishing up electric, plumbing, door hardware, outside painting besides the fury of activity to get the rooms designed and looking perfect and finishing up remaining pieces of furniture.
Print material is being laid out and the website is looking fantastic.
There is waaaaaaaay more going on than just this but I need to get on with the day ;)

Happy Monday and here's to another productive week!

Missing this guy


We are missing this guy!

Thanks so much, Big Red, for all your hard work.
Our Dad, is ALWAYS on time (or early) with Birthday and celebratory wishes
so I am making sure he knows we are indeed thinking of him over here in Windsor as
Father's Day approaches this Sunday.
Hope you are going to be able to take a nice motorcycle ride on your
Father's Day weekend. We'll be thinking of you here.
Thanks for all of your support.
We love you
-- The Crew

Brimfielding: Part 2


We scored with Mary at Kingsbury Antiques with these lamps, the brass globe vase, and
some fantastic little brass birds for bookshelf styling

We found one dealer that a table of lamps that needed a little TLC but were
excellent shapes and even found a set of brass lamps in great condition.
Not to mention this incredibly cool metal lamp that is going to look fantastic
fixed up for Room 6 (with the black chimney). I like the Inn baby poking around his dad in the back.

He just fell asleep while we scavenged.

While loading up, we had a lot of people checking out our goods and giving the thumbs up
on our finds. Apparently we would be good buyers. Good to note.

Taking a rest after a long beautiful day at Brimfield and getting
ready for the drive back to Windsor!

So glad we went back! Just can't get enough of Brimfield

It's true, we headed back down to Brimfield (Part 1 here) to see if we could find some more bits and pieces and we sure did. We left Windsor at 6AM and got there at 8AM and it was perfect. We got good parking and the crowds were few while vendors opened their tents.We scored on lamps, some amazing reupholstered chairs from 30s that were perfect colors for Room 3 that we had seen while we were there before as well as a few other remaining pieces. Sorry I didn't lots of picture so you will just have to come see for yourself.

The Inn baby came down with us to experience the day. His first Brimfield at 10 months. We are so glad we went down and have really widdled the list down not to mirrors, frames, and the little bits and bobs. The next one is in July 13-18 and I am sure we will make our way down.

Egg hunt!

The Snapdragon Inn

Turns out the Inn yard is an excellent place for an egg hunt.
There might be a tradition in the making here.
Did you have an egg hunt?
Just wondering if there are other ways people do their egg hunts or
do they just hide the eggs too.

Happy 2nd week of April!

Happy Birthday Joy!

The Snapdragon Inn

Just a quick note to share our birthday wishes to our big sis, Joy, on this, the day of her birth! Joy is responsible for all the insight that goes into "Mondays with Max" and diving deeper and deeper into some of the fascinating history of 25 Main St. She is also an accomplished writer, mother extraordinaire, loving sister, and supportive Snapdragon team member from afar although she did make it our here 3 times last year. She may not feel like she does much, but she does. Have a wonderful day Joy.