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Pure. Fresh. Vermont

That's what we offer at the Snapdragon Inn. Join us for a  relaxing getaway and explore the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire. 

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Whistle while you work


This past Saturday, we had an owners work day. It was our first big work day outside for the year and we couldn't have had better weather AND the kids were actually quite helpful. In years past, if they wanted to help, we had to help them help--not very productive-- or expect this to happen if we took our eyes off them.  It was very exciting to have so many workers. We have a lot more work to do but the beds have been weeded and we're  getting ready to plant in the next couple weeks. Stay tuned. 

Sneak Peak: We have a sign!

The Snapdragon Inn

Since we opened last year, people have asked us about why we don't have a sign out front. Well, oh happy has arrived and it is beautiful. Here is a little sneak peak until we have a sign raising and post some proper pictures of it and all its glory. Mike and Jim carried it out front on Saturday so we could get a feel of how it would look. 

Here are some more pictures from our work morning on Saturday as we try to clean up and prepare for winter. Our little snappers probably don't know what a Saturday is that doesn't involve working at the Inn. Sometimes they get involved but mostly they are good at entertaining and watching out for each other. Remember when this is how they entertained themselves?

Work days with the little snappers

The Snapdragon Inn

Sneaking up on Uncle Mike while he blows leaves

Dead heading the roses with Aunt Chelle

Hanging out with Innkeeper Grampy

Raking with Aunt McKay
Gathering at the swing

The weather has been so humid the last few days. The mosquitoes are gigantic so our Saturday work day was especially uncomfortable. As usual, many hands make for a lot of progress and we are getting geared up for a weekend wedding. 


The Snapdragon Inn

This is one of the garden installations we've added to the landscaping this summer. It's been such a wonderful way to work with existing stumps (that were waaaaay too big to move). This one is on the way up the bridal path to the lot that overlooks the lake. Once again,  a big thanks to our Snapper, Carol, for all her hard hard work in the garden and the creativity she has brought!

Also, this is a fantastic article about some Vermont school kids who found their own mountain path to walk to school after Hurricane Irene washed all the roads out. There have been some incredible stories that have emerged from this disaster. 

The fountain

The Snapdragon Inn

Good morning friends.
It was a hot one this weekend but we had a great weekend with out guests and are ready for another busy week at the Inn.

We'd like to take a moment to give a special shout out to one of our team members, Carol, and all of her hard/ sweaty work this summer working on the lovely flowers at the Inn. We are moving in phases since there is so much that could be done (as we have mentioned many times before) and last week she spruced up around our little fountain. It is looking so nice and she certainly has a knack for picking the prettiest combination of flowers.

Thank you Thank you!!!

Saturday work day

The Snapdragon Inn

The "to do" list is never ending as you can imagine so it is necessary to have work days where lots of us can focus on a task. Many hands make light work, right? Right. This past Saturday we worked on clearing some brush, mulching the wedding path, weeding the beds by the fence and working on the path that will meander back there. It is slowly evolving. Takes time.

After we finished with a pool party. Photo care of Nathan Larson Photography.

New fountain


We knew it was the one right when we saw it

It reminded me of India but just a back field at Brimfield

We also found this perfect little fountain for the front yard at Brimfield. No urinating cherubs, glowing orbs, or hopping frogs.
We already have an existing stone for it to sit on and water that runs to it so we just needed a new fountain and here she is! We paid for it at the main booth but then drove to a back field to pick it up. Kind of looks like a fountain graveyard doesn't it? But literally within minutes they had all the pieces to our little fountain and even used tape to number how they went together.

We really have been that busy and I haven't gotten any pictures but it is actually unbelievable how far the Inn has come in the past week. Things are moving fast!

If you or anyone you know could help us hem some curtains by Saturday ( I know short notice) please contact Chris @ 802 299 6039 or email

New walkway


We are busily getting the Inn ready for our Sneak Peak Party this Saturday. Yesterday the remaining head boads were mounted, doors were final coated, mirrors were picked out, some final bits of furniture were painted, front walkway was begun and the cleaning continues.

Getting down the old dead birch tree


This is Mike after they cut the dead birch tree down from the backyard. Let's just say, it was not an easy task and they didn't have the sharpest tools but that is all I will mention here because eventually they got her down. This past week ee had a local landscape designer/ gardener extraordinaire come by and let us know what we could take down and clear out in preparation for some new plants. She had some fantastic suggestions that we will share when we get into that.

May Giveaway winner and bronze animal statues


At Brimfield, I spied several very cool bronze animals like the crane and giraffes pictured. Of course, these aren't in our current design budget so we didn't buy them but I think having statues like these animals placed around the the grounds at the Snapdragon Inn would be wonderful and whimsical. Don't you? Or we could just go for gnomes ;)

And the winner of the May giveaway is...

Thanks so much for ALL the fantastic comments.
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Thank you!