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26 Main St.
Windsor, VT 05089

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Pure. Fresh. Vermont

That's what we offer at the Snapdragon Inn. Join us for a  relaxing getaway and explore the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire. 

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Snapdragon Tip: Organizing paint colors

The Snapdragon Inn

We have over 20 different colors/types of paint in the Inn when you add all the common spaces, 9 guestrooms, baths, and various trim paints. (Remember all those posts on painting? Phew!) Some of the colors are used several times but it makes for a lot of cans and buckets when it comes to do touch ups--which is much more frequently than you might think. It is a constant process keeping up a 200 year old home!

Paula had the idea to make the touch up process a bit easier by filling some baby food jars with a bit of each color. We have a master list of colors and have all our cans and buckets labeled but now all we have to do is grab a small jar and a q-tip which we have found work perfectly for the tiny touch up and BAM, done! Gone is the hassle of prying open the paint cans, accidental spills, and cleaning out of brushes.

It's also a good way to keep a sample of the paint you are using in case you need to go color match it. Do you have any clever ways to do touch ups?

New Painted Rooms

The Snapdragon Inn

The public bathroom on the first floor as well as the little alcove off the entry have been painted and are looking great. It's funny, we chose to paint the bathroom Cottonfield which is the same color as Rooms 7 & 1 and looks more yellow upstairs but looks so much greener next to green--duh :)
Love the transforming nature of colors.

Our lists are long and it's time to get to crossing things off!

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

2nd floor rooms before floor refinishing


Room 1

Room 2

Room 3

Room 4

Room 5

Room 6


80+ hours were put into painting the Inn this weekend. We are now off the second floor but still have HOURS of final trim work to do once we can get back in after the floors are done. Big thanks to Leilani, Rob, and Amy for coming up from Boston, we were able to make some good progress this weekend. We are very excited to see the floors refinished. It is going to look lovely.
In the meantime... onto some furniture refinishing.

Happy Memorial Day-we'll be painting :)


Room 5- Pale Water

lawn care

It has been a busy weekend with lots of painting and we are getting some more paint on today. The final push before the floor guys move onto the second floor tomorrow. A BIG thanks to our pal Amy for coming up for the weekend to help! I don't think we will get it all done (as we spent 12+ hours painting trim in one room yesterday) but we will certainly have a huge portion of it completed. Once we do a tidy up this afternoon, I will get some pictures of each of the rooms. Here are a couple from the weekend work

Late night painting parties


This was taken last night around 11:30PM.

K80, McKay, Chelle, and I were working Room 3 til about midnight.
And now I am going back for more
A couple other update shots...

Cool brick feature in Bathroom 3

The floor guys started on the 3rd floor this morning.
Amazing huh?

Stay tuned for more pictures next week. Hopefully we will most of the painting complete.
Keep that positive energy coming!

Yesterday's progress


Room 2 closet and trim.
Boy it takes a looooong time to do trim

Room 2 bathroom- Glidden Summer Green but it looks a little
yellow in the picture.

The library had a lot of chases that needed sanding and priming.
Now the shelves are ready for some semi-glosse and the walls
are ready for a final coat.

We are continuing the painting push and I think it might just be possible to have most of the painting done before Tuesday sans touch ups everywhere!

Thanks to Becky Perron (one of our faithful followers and friends) who helped us yesterday on some trim painting and is coming back for more!

Then we headed to the pool!

Bathroom 1 is done!


There is nothing as gratifying as putting color on a white wall. I will take some more shots of the bathroom and bedroom in all it's completed glory! I have got to find some of the before (like when we bought it) pictures that are deep on my hard drive somewhere.We've got some sweet volunteer work today to help with trim painting. We are making some sweet progress.

What makes you feel gratified?

New Bannister

The Snapdragon Inn

There are lots of bits and pieces we have had to change for safety specifications. When we heard we needed a 2nd railing, we were wary to change the beautiful wood staircase but man, check out the new bannister that matches perfectly with the current wood color. Again, it's the little things.

Update: We are painting like maniacs in order to have as much done before next Tuesday when we are having ALL the floors refinished. There is SO MUCH WHITE TRIM TO BE PAINTED but it is worth the extra work and time because it looks so crisp and finished. Hopefully I will have some pictures of Room 1 and Bathroom 1 tomorrow as we are finishing those up.

The prepping queen


This gal, Chelle, is a prepping machine - the prepping queen. I am surprised her hair isn't permanently discolored from all of the ceiling sanding she has done. It always takes so much longer than you think but makes ALL the difference when you go to paint. We are nearly there.

Here's to a weekend of painting progress and new update pictures next week!
Happy weekend to you all.
Thanks for stopping by this week!

The Painting Push

The Snapdragon Inn

Don't forget to enter the May giveaway by commenting today. Ends Midnight EST tonight!
Crib set up in Room 9 to allow for all day painting
Leilani drove up from Boston for a few days of painting
The rare picture of this person
The Inn baby

For the next two weeks there will be A LOT of trim, moulding, window, door, bathroom, and final coats painted at the Inn. It's exciting but lots and lots to do in order to make the deadline before the floors are being refinished--which is why deadlines are a good thing. In order to get as much time as possible in the Inn, I have a crib set up for my little guy and we are calling on some of our good friends to help in the action.