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Pure. Fresh. Vermont

That's what we offer at the Snapdragon Inn. Join us for a  relaxing getaway and explore the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire. 

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The Snapdragon Inn

Another great quote from Berg's biography, "Max Perkins- Editor of Genius," gives more insight to why we call the well loved acreage that spans behind the Inn and around Lake Runnemede (formerly Evart's Pond --Max's Grandfather), Paradise Park.

Max's sister Fanny Cox wrote about Windsor, "In the winter we lived in different settings...but in the summer we gathered together in the big place behind the picket fence where six houses faced the village street and the grounds stretched back across green lawns with clipped hemlock hedges and round begonia-filled flower beds to slope down the hill to the pond." Rising behind the pond was a particularly lovely part of acreage, where streams raced down hills and footpaths wove through stands of pine and birch. The family called these special woods "Paradise".

These historic images give a glimpse into Paradise as they would have known it. I love taking pictures in Paradise Park as the seasons change. It always looks lovely and happens to be a wonderful spot for family pictures! I love sitting by the lake or taking the kids for a walk to watch people fishing. Recently, when our dear friend, Leilani, got married at the Inn, we had a beautiful fall walk/room mate reunion one morning through the paths of Paradise and many laughs were had in the perfect morning sun.

What's your favorite thing about Paradise?

Sunsets over the lake and apple cider

The Snapdragon Inn

Lake Runnemede at sunset

Hello rainy world! After a string of clear sun shiny days, the sky has opened up and we are getting some serious moisture here in Windsor. Hopefully it doesn't take down all the leaves but we have had a gorgeous autumn thus far. Today is the perfect moody day to stay in with a cup of fresh warm apple cider.

This video is quite fun via CBS news up at Shelburne Farms-- definitely worth a day trip! A 1,400 acre working farm and National Historic Landmark that practices rural land uses that are environmentally, economically and culturally sustainable. Cheesemaking, walking trails, demonstrations, and a farmyard are among some of what is available to see at this working Vermont farm.

Enjoy these beautiful shots of a Lake Runnemede sunset (just behind the Inn) and have a wonderful weekend! Thanks to all who visited us from Design Mom's wonderful write up - and please do come again. We have been thrilled so many new visitors have stopped by.

Autumn is in full swing!


taken around Lake Runnemede

Today is the start of the busiest weekend in Vermont. We are excited to welcome many new guests to the Inn and help them enjoy the beauty Vermont has to offer this time of the year. Windsor is also celebrating autumn with the Harvest Street Fest tonight from 5PM-10PM featuring live music, performers, and food! We are also hosting another wedding reception on the lawn Saturday evening. We do feel grateful to be as busy as we are. Happy long weekend all round!

A guest's perspective


Family picture by Lake Runnemede (right behind Inn)

A BIG thanks to Kristie and Patrick (and their little man) for celebrating their super 10th anniversary with us at the Snapdragon Inn. We'd also like to give an extra shout out to Kristie for being such an awesome follower of our blog along this adventure. It is so fun to meet the people who have followed us along the journey these last 2 years. Hooray!

Check out Kristie's blogs here and here for her personal perspective and pictures of the weekend. See you next September!

Seasons of Lake Runnemede

The Snapdragon Inn


and it starts all over again.

Something that is so brilliant about this area are the seasons. We have such distinct seasons and each has it's own perfections. I would say that we don't have merely 4 seasons because what we are experiencing now isn't quite winter (although it kinda feels that way) but isn't quite spring either. This same bump season happens in between autumn and winter again and there is beauty in these transformation seasons as well but sometimes you have to look harder.

What do ya say ?

Windsor in the 1920s

The Snapdragon Inn

Evarts Pond (now Lake Runnemede) in 1920s

Paradise Park in 1920s

Our beautiful 26 Main in the 20s (with that amazing porch!)

Aren't old pictures cool?
There are pictures of Paradise Park and Lake Runnemede today and it is so interesting to see how things change.

This morning I have been reading Father to Daugher: The Family Letters of Maxwell Perkins (check out this post for more info) and I definitely think we need to share more of them because it is such a tender collection of letters between Maxwell and his little girls and these are the people who called our Inn, home. I know it is not Mondays with Max but there were also some great pictures of the house and area in the 1920s in the book that I thought I would share. Click to enlarge.

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Maybe Spring didn't arrive as soon as we thought it was going to in these parts but this is a great gift or shirt for working in the garden. The lip balms are REALLY nice too!

Why do you like November?

The Snapdragon Inn

November can be one of the HARDEST months in Vermont. The foliage has turned and fallen but the snow has yet to come and fill up the space the leaves have left behind. This year, we have had quite a few sunny November days which has been wonderful but as the temperature continues to drop we often have to remind ourselves what we like about November.

I was reminded of one thing as I looked out my bedroom window--
the way the skeletal branches are silhouetted against the wintery pink sunset over Lake Runnemede (right near the Inn). Windsor is beautiful ALL year round, even November.

What is something beautiful, comforting, unique or redeeming about November where you are?

Black and White Windsors

The Snapdragon Inn

Two weeks ago, Leilani, our official Snapdragon Photographer, came up from Boston for a visit and we chatted about the wall art for the Inn. We love her work and it will be featured in many of the rooms and common spaces.

She will be coming up again to take some more shots of Windsor for the series, "Black and White Windsors" which will hang in the 2nd and 3rd floor Hallways. These are a few from the series that she took back in December around Lake Runnemede (just behind the Inn).

Leilani checking out the spaces.

Windsor Uncovered.

The Snapdragon Inn

That time has come when the snow all melts and leaves the mushy aftermath of 5 months of cold and a ground that has been insulated from the world under feet of ice. Lake Runnemede is completely thawed and reflects Mt. Ascutney once again. I look forward to getting out more with my camera now that I don't have to worry about my fingers freezing. Before we know it, the leaves will be back. Hoorah.

Now I am off to paint the 3rd floor Hallway!