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Happy 88th year to "The Great Gatsby"!


Today is the 88th year since "The Great Gatsby" was published on April 10th, 1925. We, of course, have a special interest in anything Fitzgerald because his editor, Max Perkins, lived at 26 Main Street (now the Inn). There is even greater interest in The GG this year because the Baz Luhrman film comes out next month and we are very very interested to see how that goes (it looks Bazrageous!). Our Snapdragon literary club read it a few months back so it is fresh in our minds for film viewing.

This is from a letter Fitzgerald sent to Perkins on October 27th, 1924 with his first draft of the novel,
(I think that at last I've done something really my own), but how good "my own" is remains to be seen.

Then on November 18th, 1924 Perkins responded with this articulate and beautifully crafted response,
I think the novel is a wonder. I'm taking it home to read again and shall then write my impressions in full;—but it has vitality to an extraordinary degree, and glamour, and a great deal of underlying thought of unusual quality. It has a kind of mystic atmosphere at times that you infused into parts of "Paradise" and have not since used. It is a marvelous fusion, into a unity of presentation, of the extraordinary incongruities of life today. And as for sheer writing, it's astonishing.
You can read more of their correspondence on the site, "Letters of Note" that posts fascinating letters, postcards, telegrams and will be publishing a book next month. Did you know that the title Fitzgerald was keen to go for was actually, "Trimalchio in West Egg"? Perkins didn't quite think that was a fit and  guided him back towards his original title, "The Great Gatsby".

So, have you read it lately? If you need a refresher, this clever infographic (found on pinterest, of course) below is a help or go check out this fancy site.

We'll chat again once the movie is out!

The Great Gatsby


We like to keep up to date on all things Fitzgerald since he was one of the many authors who relied heavily on the editor and former owner of Snapdragon Inn,  Max Perkins. In fact, it was our Max who continually pushed Scribner's to publish his first novel, "This Side of Paradise" in 1919.  Fitzgerald's novel, "The Great Gatsby" has recently been Baz-ified and will be coming to theatres this Christmas. We were excited to see the new trailer (end of post).

Whether you love him or not, Baz Luhrman has a distinct style. Think Moulin Rouge, Romeo & Juliet or, our favorite, Strictly Ballroom. His garish, melodramatic, spectacular, and visually hyper movies can put you over the edge or leave you on a color high. It looks like he has held nothing back in his visualization of "The Great Gatsby"

What do you think? Have you read "The Great Gasby" and are you going to go see Baz's version? 

Who is this Max Perkins?
Check out this cool Telegram.
Have you seen this movie? We loved it.
This one looks intense.

We need these books

The Snapdragon Inn

Aren't these editions of Fitzgeralds' works just beautiful! We can't get over it and think they would be the perfect addition to the desks in each guest room. We have lots of Fitzgeralds' books in our library and we do have books in each room edited by our Max Perkins but these are stunning and would be a perfect upgrade. Now, if only they would do some Hemingway as well.  Thanks Ainsley for the link love. 

Movies! We are keen to see this one

The Snapdragon Inn

Zelda & Scott Fitgerald

Summer is a fantastic time to get out to the movies with all the big box office hits but also some of the less known films too! We have a great little cinema just over in Hanover, NH, The Nugget, that plays some of the less mainstream flix. We noticed they are currently showing, "Midnight in Paris" which has received some great reviews but more interestingly to us, is the protagonist of the movie (from NYTimes article)
runs into Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald at an elegant soiree, where he hears Cole Porter crooning “Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall in Love).” He gets writing advice from a laconic Hemingway, persuades Gertrude Stein to read the manuscript of his novel, and falls in love with Picasso’s mistress. He meets Salvador Dalí, T. S. Eliot, Djuna Barnes, Josephine Baker, Luis Buñuel, Man Ray and others in the enormously talented cast of expatriates and bohemians that peopled Jazz Age Paris.
We are always excited to see Fitzgerald and Hemingway come alive because they are part of our story at the Snapdragon, having been edited by former owner, Max Perkins (as many of you are very well aware). Here is the link to an article in The New York Times that gives a historical look at the film, Decoding Woody Allen's 'Midnight in Paris' When you come to the Inn, we have many books in the Maxwell Perkins Library detailing these mens' lives, their work and many of their writings. It was as the article says, "a sizzling time".

Have any of you seen it? We are hoping to get over for a viewing next week sometime.

Maxwell Perkins - the talk of Hollywood

The Snapdragon Inn

Seems that we aren't the only Max Perkins fans these days, as Sean Penn is in talks to play Perkins in a new movie based on a biography of Perkins. The book, "Maxwell Perkins: Editor of Genius" won a National Book Award when it was published in 1978 and has recently been re-released.

Of course, here at the Snapdragon we feel it is imperative that character research be conducted at Perkins' home, and we welcome Mr. Penn and the rest of the cast to stop in, relax on the porch, stroll the woods around Lake Runnemede, and soak in the history of Perkins where it happened. And if they can't make it, so be it - more room for you to do the same!

Max and Fitzgerald


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As we have mentioned before, one of Max's authors was F. Scott Fitzgerald. Most of us probably didn't make it out of high school without at least reading "The Great Gatsby" and I am wishing I had the time to delve into more and more of the literature edited by Max. It is fascinating to have this connection to the Inn and to have record of the communication between Max and his authors.

"What a time you've had with your sons, Max-
Earnest gone to Spain, me gone to Hollywood,
Tom Wolfe reverting to an artistic hill-billy.
Fitzgerald to Perkins, April 23, 1938

Does anyone have a favorite Fitzgerald? Have you read "Tender is the Night"?