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That's what we offer at the Snapdragon Inn. Join us for a  relaxing getaway and explore the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire. 

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a very colorful experience

The Snapdragon Inn

No doubt this has been buzzing the web for months now but we spotted it on the always inspiring, Dwell last week and sorta kinda think it's amazing! It's the Pantone Hotel in Brussels, Belgium. Designed by Belgian interior designer Michel Penneman and architect Olivier Hannaert and it is a color feast.

In case you aren't familiar with Pantone, it is an innovative system for matching and communicating accurate colors across industries and countries for graphic arts, fashion, interiors, paints, plastics, anything with color. It is most recognizable as one their fan decks but they also have an incredible assortment of extremely useful products if you work with or are passionate about color (here here on both accounts!)

That's why it is thrilling to see a Pantone fan deck visualized into this hotel in Belgium. We love how they used a white palette and popped the colors in each room in the details because that is a technique we used in the Inn just not as funky. Each of the hotel's seven floors are dedicated to a different color palette: 2718 c (blue); 7487 c (green); 7441 c (violet); 106 c (yellow); 1795 c (red); 4705 c (brown); and 1375 c (orange). They also have a lounge, a store with innovative color products, and even color consultants on hand the likes of which have influenced color choices in some of the biggest companies in the world (Tiffany, Nike, Barbie...) They say it best on their site,
The PANTONE HOTEL combines the strong emotions evoked by color with exceptional, vivid design and unyielding comfort. Guests enjoy state-of-the-art accommodations, distinctively chosen at reception to compliment their mood. Luxurious beds, inviting pillows, LCD TVs, and central A/C with individual controls are standard at The PANTONE HOTELTM; many rooms are illuminated with unparalleled views of Brussels.
Brussels showcases the color of emotion with a distinctive hue on each colorous guest floor. From vivid to subdued, for business or leisure, our unique boutique hotel perfectly suits your savvy palette and colorful imagination.

From a design perspective, The PANTONE HOTELTM, Brussels is built on an exceptional use of contrast; a white canvas provides clean space for saturated colors to pop. Guest rooms feature unique photography by esteemed Belgian photographer Victor Levy.

Welcome to the center of the color universe.

This hotel combines to passions, color and well designed interiors. It is so so so cool. Usually when we travel it is hostels and guesthouses but next time we are anywhere near Brussels, this has rocketed to the top of our must stay list. What color room would you stay in?

Color From Beginning to End


Room 3

Room 6

Room 5

We knew from the start that we would like to accent each bed with one of our custom Snapdragon prints and that worked out well for all the rooms but Room 5 because we didn't have any yellow printed. In the 23rd hour before the open house, 2 of our creatives came up with the awesome pillow pictured above. It's also fun to look back at the early days picking colors and watch how it all came together so well (with a lot of hard work of course!)

The Entryway

The Snapdragon Inn

First impressions are important and we want your first step into the Snapdragon Inn to be a great one. Recently we have been finishing up the painting of the entryway. Here are some pictures of the progress.

This room was a deep blue which was nice but a little heavy for what we wanted. Like many of the other rooms, we had to do quite a bit of wall paper stripping to get back to the original walls. We then skim coated those, sanded ad nauseum, filled gaps and holes, primed, and were finally able to get color on the walls.

We went with a fresh green--not too grassy but not too lime--so the entryway would be easy on the eyes but feel alive and light. It is actually called Longacre by Glidden. I think green was a good choice and this little Interior Design bit backs up the choice. I also think it complements the honey colored wood as well.

Our reservations/check-in desk in a Partner's desk we picked up at our first trip to Brimfield last May, remember back then? It has nice clean lines and fits the existing wood really well.

Before Blue

After Green

Once we get the floors polished, pictures hung, and furniture placed, I think the entryway is going to be the perfect welcome into the Snapdragon Inn.


And we are off--Painting!

The Snapdragon Inn

Thanks to the steady hands of Chaz--we are getting right into the painting of Room 9.
Hooray!I am on my way down for some more cutting in and tricky trim painting. Looking fresh, clean, and lovely. Color is Chardonnay White by Glidden in a Satin finish-- a subtle but nice contrast to the pure white trim.



The Snapdragon Inn

I left the house at 10AM this morning with Jharna (the textile expert that works with Deepa) and we headed back to the factory to give the colors for the custom prints as well as the 60 meters of cotton satin we had bought for them. I thought it was going to be a drop and run sort of excursion but it turned into a day I will never forget.

I had sent these designs for the Inn to D a few months back and had no idea that it could actually come to fruition-no way hose b (for you K80). The leaf actually came from the snapdragon itself so they really are custom for our Inn. I thought it would amazing if we could get one done but look what we did! First let me set the scene, as I do.

When we arrived at the factory, we were taken into the owner's office. He was a rotund Indian man, dressed all in white with a gold chain peeking through. From this point on, I had NO idea what was going on and felt more like I was in the Hindu Sopranos and less like I was at a printing mill and fabric was just their "cover business". I started feeling quite tense and I put my head down and pretended to be busy writing this, "Obviously everything has to be passed by this dude and I really can't tell if he is ok or wants to kill me. Honestly, I have no stinking idea. The least I can do is drink the coffee they just put in front of me. Ouch, I just burned my tongue-uh oh. Oh, here comes another one. The room keeps filling with more men that look like "the son", "the brother", "the cousin" and then "the manager". It's like they are trying to decide what to do with a brother who has ratted them out to the FBI but I am pretty sure they are actually just talking about fabric--or not?"

Finally, "the boss" looks up and says "ok" and hints at a smile and we are over to "the son's" office who was wearing extremely pointy black dress shoes with the accompanying black shirt, black pants, undone down to his mid chest with gold chain. Awesome. Obviously, the son has up in the factory and will one day take over. I have no idea why we went into his office but calls were made and we moved over to "the manager's office" who actually seemed like quite a nice man and wrote up our order in a simple notebook and made a copy on a blank piece of white paper and just like that, we were official and up to the printing tables.

We got their a bit late and so they had already made their project plan for the day but stopped that and fit us in. As we made it up to the pigment printing tables I could see my two screens, "the leaf" and "the snapdragon" in the corner and my stomach actually dropped a bit in the sense that this is actually happening. I had given over some thread colors for them to match and they did just that and we had our colors. It was a fascinating/insightful to spend the entire day (8 hours) in this hot, dirty, ink splattered space but I loved it. There were about 6-8 men working in the area, one who had been there for 50 years. They all knew Jharna and that she likes to be hands on so didn't mind that we were there watching their every move.

I watched the whole process (8 times) and she was there to keep things moving along. She said that if we had not been there, it wouldn't have gotten done before I left.We went with the table printing because I was doing such small quantities (like eensy weensy as they usually do orders around 20-70,000 meters, I was doing 15 meters of each color) and it was the cheapest for me. They mixed the inks, often by hand, in what looked like old plastic milk containers on the ground but were absolutely spot on. They did a sample of the colors using "the leaf" and it just looked amazing. I can't really articulate how it felt to see my design actualized. There was a energy and perfection going on with everyone and it was so exciting.

So print after print I watched them pin down the fabric, carefully move the screen across the fabric and then back to make the repeats complete, and hang it to dry. Going with this method certainly wasn't the quickest and each print took about 45 minutes to complete with drying, although as the day wore on they picked it up so we could get out of there.

When they started the beige leaf I watched in utter awe of what was happening and then the yellow leaf and the teal leaf and my mind was spinning with what I saw and what these could made into. I was spinning inside. They hung all of the leaf designs above the tables to dry and started on the Snap dragon designs which I can see as tablecloths, pillows, napkin, aprons, table mats, laundry bags, and on and on and on. So Snapfamily, we have our own customized snapdragon fabric in 4 colors now and I have a feeling this is just the beginning!

Finally, we worked on a stripe using 5 of the colors and oh my oh my does it look gorgeous. Since that is 5 colors (all the others were just one) it had 5 screens and watching that one being printed was thrilling as it was pieced together color after color. I watched them do several other prints today that were incredibly complicated and beautiful. Of course, because it is done by hand there is a hand made quality which I love- the odd speck and ever so slightly off pattern matching. Next time I am hoping to do the minimum of 300 meters so i can use the rotary printing but for now I would take whatever I could get.

My head is whirling with what we can do with them and how to mix and match them. I am thrilled with the way they turned out, especially the leaf and stripe which I think can be more commercial than the snapdragon--but that was meant to be specific for the inn. I felt elated and giddy today but overwhelmed at the same time and needing to act like "the buyer" again so tried not to do anything too Chris but Jharna was so excited as well and loved they way they were turning out. But we waited around to check the stripe screen and colors and then collected the leaf prints which had already gone through the curing process (to set the color) and brought those home but we will collect the rest tomorrow.

I just can't believe this. Of course none of this would have been possible without the crew here in India who I am going to do something really amazing as a token and I think it is going to involve a filmed Bollywood dance. We are so far off getting a nice gift, this has to be straight from the heart so get ready folks, I am bringing back a handful of DVDs. I am glad that I took this risk and came and just did it and thank my family (especially Mike) for supporting me in this venture. I think these prints will add such a unique element to the Inn.

Where it goes from here, I don't know but I do know; this is just the beginning.


What a day.

The Snapdragon Inn

This was a day to end all days for me or anyone excited by fabrics. This is a long post but I have to take the time now or else I won't be able to in the next day . We started the day off visiting one of the largest wholesale fabric markets in Delhi. This is where designers go to pick out their fabric samples that, once approved by buyers, they order hundreds/thousands of meters.

Marketplace with many many wholesale fabric stores.

Me and Jharna, the textile expert.

The shelves and shelves of fabric in every color and kind

I am so so glad that we put together the Design Bible and that we picked up some of those fabrics because it made an almost impossible situation bearable - barely! I nearly hyperventilated in the first shop, but then went ahead and started making decisons. We had decided that we would prefer the curtains to be in some sort of solid color, as there are lots of windows and we didn't want to overpower, an didn't want anything too heavy. My eyes were drawn to some lovely colors in Linen Viscose that had a nice feel and drape.

One of the lovely colors I found for curtains.

One of the photo inspirations we've saved in our Deco File features some beautiful embroidery on them.

an inspiration curtain from Ballard Design

India is the embroidery capital of the world, so I am working on curtains, made of this lovely Linen Viscose, with embroidery in a contrasting accent color on the bottom third of the curtain, to add some texture but not overpower. There are infinite choices of stitches that can be embroidered, along with the type of thread used. I found something for every room, but is is just one idea and will try and get a sample made up to bring back with me.

Samples of the many styles of embroidery

This morning was wonderful and completely overwhelming at the same time, but so very eye opening. But this afternoon was even more out of control! Deepa has a women on her design team, Jharna, who studied textiles, screen making, dyes, and printing who has been working on the custom Snapdragon line of designs I sent her. She was able to take me to the printing factory where she studied and we met with her Guru (teacher) who is also the senior designer. We got to see the whole process from go to whoa! First, we met with the computer designer who takes the sketch, file, or fabric that they then scan to make the screen from.

The designer at work with the Snapdragon designs

He was AMAZINGLY FAST on photoshop. As a graphic designer, I was in AWE of his super mad skeelz and the way he took my designs and made them perfect repeat patterns. It was one of the most thrilling moments of my life - seeing my designs come alive and know that it was very very possible to have totally customized fabrics for our Inn!

Some of the combos they put together

I asked as many questions as I could get answered (despite language gaps) and peeked wherever they let me. The computer design is turned to a film, which is then turned to a screen to use either for screen printing or rotary printing. Thanks to everyone here I have gone through textile/printing 101! I then met the owner of the company and as they explained to him that I was a very important US buyer I stood in a moment of awkward silence as I waited for him to finish his Indian head bob and smile and tell me "welcome."

Rotary printing at work

We started with only Jharna's guru and by the time we finished the tour of the factory we had a crew of people showing us. I was totally and completely fascinated by the whole process, like watching the little shorts on Mr. Rogers when you saw how crayons or marbles are made. I saw the tables where they do hand printing, manually screen printing, and rotary printing. I saw where they dye GIGANTIC rolls of material and much more but the details are most likely kind of dull. This is the same factory that Pottery Barn and other big names that get their fabrics made, just as a side note. They sell to exporters.

As I watched the fabric go through the drums, I could just see our Snapdragon fabric running though 80 meters a minute (that's right!) Incredible day.

Tomorrow is the linen/towel supplier. I must say, that none of this would even be remotely possible without the support of Tilak Exports aka Mani, Deepa with the incredible help of their sister Megha and textile expert, Jharna. I think we all feel that the stars aligned to bring us together - thanks to K for introducing us to these dear friends last year while we were all in India. When we get our spread in Domino, we will definitely get a picture inset of our Indian team! :-)


Oh Fabric Perfection!

The Snapdragon Inn

In preparation for the trip to India, we are working hard to be as organized as possible - so I show up knowing what the fashizzle we are doing and don't waste our friend's precious time! Back in April, McKay, K80, Chelle, and I randomly found Martin's House of Cloth in Bedford, NH and were thrilled by the selection and price of the upholstery weight fabric.

We got this entire roll (15 yards) of heavy cotton for $3.50 Yard! It is perfect!

K80, lil S, and I went back down on Friday to get some swatches of colors we liked that I could take to India and found the store having a 30-60% off sale! They are consolidating to one floor (sad) but we SCORED! I snapped some pix and then we went to Panera to partake of their Free WIFI and some yummy eats so that we could chat with McKay and N8 and show the finds. We were all in agreement and went back and to buy.

Swatches from the goods we purchased and our palette. They excite me to no end.

We are on a SERIOUS budget but came out with some incredible deals and fabrics that fit right into our color palette; it is amazing how well they fit in! Textures, Stripes, Florals, Geometrics, Velvets, Cottons, and Silks! Blog Reader, Rachel H, gave some excellent advise about looking for fabrics and was spot on. It is easier to find the fabric and fit the palette around it but we were lucky enough to find affordable fabrics in our palette. She has done some awesome work with fabrics herself!

Lil S was so patient with us in a big fabric store with so many little nooks to hide in and rolls of fabric to climb. Luckily by the time we went back to buy she was out and we balanced her on the fabric while we lugged the heavy bolts of fabric to the front. Just another example of how the kids are coping with this project that their crazy family is working on! But the stories and pictures will be priceless.


Pillows - gathering thoughts

The Snapdragon Inn

images from stylist Irina Graewe found on decor8

As I mentioned in the My Deco File post, and Chris mentioned in her post on fabric design, we are getting ready to send Chris off to India to work with our friends on some custom fabric designs, as well as sourcing the other fabrics for our interiors and getting our pillow covers and curtains and the like all taken care of.

With that in mind, we've been on a massive "pillow inspiration" hunt, and it just so happens that decor8 did had an awesome post on pillows just last week:

And just this morning design*sponge has a post on new pillows from Angela Adams:

We're looking for inspiration on three points here - fabrics, pillow shape, and pillow finishing. What is out there that YOU love?


Colors = Love

The Snapdragon Inn

This ole Inn Project is pretty much a dream come true for a lover of color, and I have been lucky to score the gig of color girl. I wish I had some pictures of my bedroom when I was a kid to give you and idea of just how much I love this - colors, pattern, and textures are my passion and always have been. I thought I would share our color palette and some of the color work I've been sweating.

After a lot of research on my part and then some refining down by the design team, we came upon these. (photo of color strips above, digital version of the colors below) I wanted to show the whole range of tints and shades of the colors (the photo is a bit dark and dingy) because I think they are not only fresh and clean (by tint) but rich and bohemian (by shade). We also included black and a rich brown into the palette so we could work with the furniture colors and fixtures.

I have then taken the base palette and have worked up a few room options. Most of the color will be in the accent fabrics - curtains, throw pillows, any upholstery - and accessories. Just playing around still and getting a feel for our colors but the more I work with them and all their accompanying shades and tints, the more I love 'em. We want each room to be welcoming and fresh (with a little kick) and I think we are certainly getting there.

-- Chris