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26 Main St.
Windsor, VT 05089

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Pure. Fresh. Vermont

That's what we offer at the Snapdragon Inn. Join us for a  relaxing getaway and explore the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire. 

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Windsor in the 1920s

The Snapdragon Inn

Evarts Pond (now Lake Runnemede) in 1920s

Paradise Park in 1920s

Our beautiful 26 Main in the 20s (with that amazing porch!)

Aren't old pictures cool?
There are pictures of Paradise Park and Lake Runnemede today and it is so interesting to see how things change.

This morning I have been reading Father to Daugher: The Family Letters of Maxwell Perkins (check out this post for more info) and I definitely think we need to share more of them because it is such a tender collection of letters between Maxwell and his little girls and these are the people who called our Inn, home. I know it is not Mondays with Max but there were also some great pictures of the house and area in the 1920s in the book that I thought I would share. Click to enlarge.

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Maybe Spring didn't arrive as soon as we thought it was going to in these parts but this is a great gift or shirt for working in the garden. The lip balms are REALLY nice too!

Talent in our midst

The Snapdragon Inn

I continue to marvel at the talent that abides in our little town of aproximately 3,700 (not sure on the exact number). This past week N8 and I were in the studio of sculptor, Lawrence J Nowlan right here in town. He is currently working an impressively large piece for his hometown, Philadelphia, of legendary Philies broadcastor, Harry Kalas. He has been working full time on this project in his main street church-converted studio since Thanksgiving.

the main street studio

Nowlan with feet of Kalas project

As it reads on his website, "He came to his interest in sculpture through a chance encounter with the works of Auguste Rodin in Philadelphia." As you take in his studio, the beauty of a Rodin is evident but Nowlan has a style unique to himself. In 1995 the artist was invited to serve as the Artist in Residence at the Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site, in Cornish, NH right across the river from Windsor and has kept a studio in the area ever since. His list of clients is varied from local work to co-creating the VH1 My Music award in 2001 among many many others.

Relief work

A peruse of his website and you'll see what I mean. Yesterday when I was in there, he was working on a Bas Relief for the in University of California that incredible to watch as he created something where there was nothing. His studio is like a museum/graveyard of sculptures, busts, and reliefs (even a Relief that was commissioned for Oprah and a Death Mask of Lincoln's face).
So exciting to have such incredible talent in our town.

You can become a fan of his studio on facebook and take a closer look at pictures showing his the progress of his recent Kalas project. Take a moment and check out his site, it's impressive.

What do you like to do on Snow days?

The Snapdragon Inn

Apparently, we are going to make up for a snowless winter in the next few days. Since about 5PM last night until now, about 11 inches of snow has fallen in Windsor. At one point, the flakes were so big it looked like a feather factory had exploded.

I LOVED snow days when I was a kid. Even though there a bazillion things I could be doing, I decided to do what our mom used to do for us on snow days (you know for my 7 month old because he really cares) and make homemade bread, soup, and goodies, but as I am the adopted child and don't like chocolate, rather than brownies I made muffins :)

What do you like to do on SNOW DAYS? We might have another one as there seems to be no end in sight!

Salinger--a Windsor Regular

The Snapdragon Inn

As Joy already mentioned, J.D. Salinger died last week. He did indeed live just over the river from Windsor and this interesting article was featured on the front page of the New York Times online,Salinger was a regular to the local Windsor diner, grocery store, as well as other local spots. "J. D. Salinger a Recluse? Well, Not to His Neighbors".

A local friend mentioned that Salinger frequented his grandparents Windsor eatery and believes that several of the characters from Catcher in the Rye were based on local people. Just another interesting piece of literary history for our local Windsor.

Cornish Colony Museum

The Snapdragon Inn

For those museum lovers that are looking forward to staying at the Snapdragon Inn you are in luck. The human to museum ratio in this small town is astounding, you could spend multiple days visiting museums and never have to get in your car.

The museum we’ll be highlighting today is the Cornish Colony Museum. In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s Windsor played a brief yet lively part in American history as part of the Cornish Colony. Many of the influential artists of the time would leave the bigger cities like Boston and New York and gather in this little pocket of beauty that became the Cornish Colony. Painter Maxfield Parrish, dancer Isadora Duncan(the mother of modern dance), and former owner of the Snapdragon Inn and writer Louise Saunders (previously mentioned in this post) are a few of the many artists that gathered in this and surrounding towns. This museum features the work and preserves the history of the artists colony.

The current winter exhibit, Illustrating the Imagination features Childrens Illustrators from the Cornish Colony and today.

In the following clips the museum curator, Nicole Ford, gives a few examples of the pieces in this exhibit as well as some of the permanent pieces in the museum.


Windsor Wonderland

The Snapdragon Inn

Next Saturday, Windsor is celebrating the holidays with some exciting activities. Santa will arrive at 11AM by Fire Engine to the Windsor House. Then you can visit the 3rd annual Cookie and Fudge Sale over at 10 state street from 1-3PM. Here, it is discovered who will be the reigning top three bakers in the town! Do you have a goody that is sure to knock the socks of our judges? The day will end at the corner of State and Main for the tree lighting with carolers

Here are some pictures from last year.

Santa arriving via Fire Engine!

A selection of the cookies and fudges from last year's sale.

Last year's top 3 confections.

Our town tree after a big snow.

What is one of your YOUR FAVORITE holiday goodies???????

Windsor Wednesdays--Snap Birding!

The Snapdragon Inn

On Wednesdays we will feature our town or events, destinations, insights, history, pictures, thoughts, interviews, etc from the area. There is a lot to see and do and this can be a spot to shed light on it :)

Don't forget to COMMENT on this post (and all from this week if you haven't already) to be entered in the Giveaway ending tomorrow! The more posts you comment on from Monday-Thursday, the more chances you have at winning!


Though Vermont is not necessarily one of the "hot spots" for American Birding, a surprising number of birds are found within a five minute walk of our little Inn. One of the great things about the Maxwell Evarts legacy is the pond behind the Inn and Paradise Park which was once part of the estate. You may even see birds like this Cedar Waxwing right in the Snapdragon back yard!

Here are just a few of the possible sightings. All of these shots were taken by one of our own, Chelle's dad Rich.

Our resident Blue Heron is almost guaranteed to be seen just steps out the back!

Look for the Peregrine Falcon in the trees overlooking the water.

Listen for the Red Bellied Woodpecker almost all year long.

Watch for the Red Tail Hawk soaring high above. You may even catch him with some
prey in his talons.

Even the common Song Sparrow can be appreciated in the gravel drive. The song is one of the most beautiful things you will ever hear.

The very shy Swainson's Thrush is actually a close relative to the very common American Robin. Both are likely at the Snapdragon!

You have to just love a bird named the Yellow Bellied Sapsucker! I think if more young people knew just how handsome this bird is, they wouldn't mind being called one!

Among our many Warblers are the Yellow Rumped. Once you get one of these in your binoculars you will definitely be enthralled!

So, come stay, bird and enjoy!