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26 Main St.
Windsor, VT 05089

802 227 0008

Pure. Fresh. Vermont

That's what we offer at the Snapdragon Inn. Join us for a  relaxing getaway and explore the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire. 

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Are you going to Brimfield?

The Snapdragon Inn

 The peacock chair that we scored last May from Rhode Island Jimmy.
It  is now our wedding seat and sits at the foot of the wedding trail in the back lawn,

If it was last year, we'd already be down there, pushing through the fields of Brimfield at 7AM. Apparently, that's when Martha Stewart likes to look around as well (or earlier).There are always a couple bits and pieces we'd like to pick up but if you have the time and even $5, you WILL find something at Brimfield. Remember when we found the peacock chair and we were driving through the narrow lanes of tents and someone shouted, "If you can't find it at Brimfield, it doesn't exist!"

You know just talking about it, gets the excitement of the find curing through our veins. It is meant to be in the 90s today (not conducive to a day wandering around fields) but it is on until this Saturday the 17th so there is still time to get on down there but you know there is something fantastic waiting to be picked up on Day 1 of Brimfield. 

Look here, here, and here for some of our other finds. 

Remember when week


This Image hangs in Room 2

We really have quite a fun history of 26 Main and our lives here on this site. I added the LinkWithin feature a few months back so that we could start to see some of these posts. Here are a few others that are great.

~ I like reading about our virgin voyage to Brimfield back in September 2008. We have been 6 times since and are certainly getting the hang of it but boy did we score that trip!

~ Remember the note left to McKay from the daughter of the previous owner, asking to take care of the chipmunks--too cute.

~ These macro shots taken on the Inn grounds are so dramatic and colorful! They were also taken as I bent over my 9 month pregnant stomach and several were used as art in the guest rooms.

~ This shot with the lightning behind the Inn is pretty cool.

This image hangs in Room 8

~ And of course, what the kids get up to while we meet. Ha!

New fountain


We knew it was the one right when we saw it

It reminded me of India but just a back field at Brimfield

We also found this perfect little fountain for the front yard at Brimfield. No urinating cherubs, glowing orbs, or hopping frogs.
We already have an existing stone for it to sit on and water that runs to it so we just needed a new fountain and here she is! We paid for it at the main booth but then drove to a back field to pick it up. Kind of looks like a fountain graveyard doesn't it? But literally within minutes they had all the pieces to our little fountain and even used tape to number how they went together.

We really have been that busy and I haven't gotten any pictures but it is actually unbelievable how far the Inn has come in the past week. Things are moving fast!

If you or anyone you know could help us hem some curtains by Saturday ( I know short notice) please contact Chris @ 802 299 6039 or email

Got any 78s?


Success was had at Brimfield once again.
We came home with this gem for the library.
Pretty cool huh?

It is from 1913 and plays 78s.
Know anyone with some because we are in the market?

The Inn kid relaxing after a long warm day at Brimfield.

Upholestry sneek peek: Tufted Blue Velvet Perfection


The weather in Windsor has been so so so so so hot hot hot hot and sticky but we are pushing through the heat to work and wanted to share a bit of what some of the team has been up to.


(they have since totally finished it)
We got this chair at Brimfield on our first trip and lookey here! Isn't it AMAZING. Thanks to K80 and her mom we have the most amazing collection of rehabilitated, re-loved, and re-envisioned pieces. This is just one but this one is incredible. This was a super soft blue velvet that we got on epic and foundational fabric shopping trip many moons ago. If you want to see it in person and sit on its soft blue velvet goodness, it will be in Room 4.

Brimfielding: Part 2


We scored with Mary at Kingsbury Antiques with these lamps, the brass globe vase, and
some fantastic little brass birds for bookshelf styling

We found one dealer that a table of lamps that needed a little TLC but were
excellent shapes and even found a set of brass lamps in great condition.
Not to mention this incredibly cool metal lamp that is going to look fantastic
fixed up for Room 6 (with the black chimney). I like the Inn baby poking around his dad in the back.

He just fell asleep while we scavenged.

While loading up, we had a lot of people checking out our goods and giving the thumbs up
on our finds. Apparently we would be good buyers. Good to note.

Taking a rest after a long beautiful day at Brimfield and getting
ready for the drive back to Windsor!

So glad we went back! Just can't get enough of Brimfield

It's true, we headed back down to Brimfield (Part 1 here) to see if we could find some more bits and pieces and we sure did. We left Windsor at 6AM and got there at 8AM and it was perfect. We got good parking and the crowds were few while vendors opened their tents.We scored on lamps, some amazing reupholstered chairs from 30s that were perfect colors for Room 3 that we had seen while we were there before as well as a few other remaining pieces. Sorry I didn't lots of picture so you will just have to come see for yourself.

The Inn baby came down with us to experience the day. His first Brimfield at 10 months. We are so glad we went down and have really widdled the list down not to mirrors, frames, and the little bits and bobs. The next one is in July 13-18 and I am sure we will make our way down.

Brimfielding 2010


Yesterday was great. Thanks to K80's master furniture list, we were able to easily look down our list and stay focused. We found some amazing lamps, great dressers, side tables, a very cool little chaise and "the peacock chair". We immediately pictured it in the garden of the Inn and thoughts of guests having their picture in "the peacock chair" popped into our heads. It was absolutely unique and a lot of people were interested. According to the seller, Billy, he bought it from a 92 year old woman 's estate sale. She bought it 32 years ago on Madison avenue for $1200 as a custom piece.

We will be repainting the dresser but it is in great shape and the chaise we found.

We went back in the afternoon to pick up the chaise which we had purchased from Billy. As we were chatting, another group of people walked by interested in the peacock chair and before I knew it, the pressure was on. Was the Snapdragon Inn going to own the peacock chair (a real conversation piece) or what? We got him down more (he has a big family and felt our family beat) and broke the hearts of the other potential buyers (which we had just experienced when a perfect love seat was sold for $50) and bought it! We are now thinking it might be perfect for a spot in the Inn. It is just that cool.

Loading the truck and a shot with Billy.

We loaded her in the truck and as we drove through the narrow tented aisles of Brimfield, there were whispers, "look, the chair", "they got the peacock chair" or my personal favorite, "Holy S***, that chair is amazing" as she came over to take a picture when we drove away. We felt like true Brimfielders being lauded by other Brimfielders.

Taking a picture of the woman taking a picture of the chair.

The quote of the day, "If you can't find it at Brimfield, it doesn't exist!"
and I believe it!

2 of the bazillion things you can find at Brimfield.

Then we ended it all with a lime rickey and fresh lemonade!

We are thinking we will have Brimfield weekends at the Inn. So you can come stay at the Inn, get your picture in the peacock chair and we will organize the trip down there, etc and make a whole experience out of it. What do you think?

Brimfield is next week!


Past Brimfield adventure

It's that time again--Brimfield is next week. Since we are only 2 hours away, we just can't let it pass by without taking a look. It is THAT amazing. Here's a look at some Brimfied Bits from the past

A collection of other chairs we found at Brimfield, here.

Finding the the partner's desk we were wanting, here.

You can read about refinishing a couple chairs we got at Brimfield, here.

I am not sure what day we are going and we certainly don't need as much as we did but we need a few bits and pieces and it's just such a fun (full on!) experience.
Anyone else going?