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Pure. Fresh. Vermont

That's what we offer at the Snapdragon Inn. Join us for a  relaxing getaway and explore the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire. 

Snapdragon Inn blog

July Literary Club Meet-up: July 26th


Last night we had our Literary club meet-up to discuss the adventurous spirits of Ros and Dot from "Nothing Daunted: The Unexpected education of two society girls in the West" by Dorothy Wickendon. If you like autobiographical fare or stories of the ole West in the early 1900's, this book is for you! It felt so real and for good reason, it is. It recounts the life histories of two friends from Auburn, NY who attend Smith college and upon graduating and taking a year in Europe to travel (and perfect their German and French) and not willing to settle down with just any suitor, take a job as school teachers in a tiny homesteading mountain town in Colorado. These women were strong, smart, adventurous, and remarkable.

This month, we are switching it a bit and moving away from our historical fiction of early America and going Sci-Fi with Orson Scott Card's "Pastwatch". This book has come up a couple times as a possible read and we thought a little summer sci-fi adventure would be cool. We read that it was "perhaps the finest alternate time travel novel yet written" could be exciting and different. If you haven't read anything by Scott Card, he is a true story crafter and we are excited to dig in. This will be the fifth time reading "Pastwatch" for one of our club members. Here is a review from Publisher's Weekly.

Playing with the time stream isn't new to science fiction, but Card (Ender's Game), who's won both a Hugo and a Nebula, gives the concept a new twist here-with mixed results. His angle is to make the temporal interference not accidental but intentional, as a group of scientists go back in time to alter Columbus's journey. Sponsored by the organization Pastwatch, which uses a machine called TruSite II to view the past in remarkable detail, the "Columbus Project" is headed by Tagiri, whose TruSite viewing of the horrors of slavery has prompted her to revise the famed explorer's agenda. Tagiri sends into the past her daughter, Diko, a Mayan descendent named Hunahpu and a man named Kemal, a prickly sort whose initial skepticism is transformed into a fierce commitment to change the past. Armed with devices from the future, the three return to 1492, determined to transform Columbus from a gold-seeking pirate into a proponent of world peace and global unity. Uniformly well-meaning, the trio is just too sanctified to believe, and in their hands, the complexities of temporal mechanics are boiled down to simplistic cause and effect. Some sparks are generated when the Pastwatchers finally meet Columbus, but even that encounter produces fewer surprises than you'd expect from a master like Card. 

We will meet on July 26th ay 7:30PM in the Maxwell Perkins Library at Snapdragon Inn. All are welcome to join in. You can also join the event here or the group on facebook and hear about updates.