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That's what we offer at the Snapdragon Inn. Join us for a  relaxing getaway and explore the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire. 

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Revisiting Charles Kuralt's "America" with these two sisters

The Snapdragon Inn

Janie Gass & Lou Schell

Yesterday we had a very pleasant surprise from two sisters who are driving across the country visiting all of the same spots that Charles Kuralt (journalist and long time CBS news anchor) did in his 1995 book, "America". They began their journey in New Orleans and have spent months in Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Brooklyn, and then Woodstock, Vermont. Today they are headed to Maine for July and then will be headed to Minnesota, Montana, up to Alaska, and back down to New Mexico. Phew!

Lou and Janie (both in their 70's but not that you would know it!) have been traveling since the beginning of a year, spending a month in each spot exploring the people and area just as Kuralt did. Our dear friend, Louise (who you will recognize as the star from "The Elders" film) had befriended them during their stay in Woodstock . She told them they had to come see the Inn. We gladly showed them around and headed to the Windsor Station Pub for a delicious lunch.

Last night, Channel 3 News aired a short piece with them, which is wonderful so you can hear their charming southern drawls and get a sense of their warm and kind personalities. They also have a blog you can check in on and their plan is to write a book about their experiences driving across America for a year. We love their spirit of adventurism and were about to hop right into their car with them. We do hope they make it back our way to stay with us someday (perhaps for some quiet time to work on the book) because it was such a delight meeting these two sisters and participating, even in the smallest way, in their great tour of the country.

America is certainly made for road trips, don't you think? What has been a favorite drive you've taken?