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Father and Editor

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Here's another sampling of a letter Max Perkins wrote to his daughter Bertha. I loved these paragraphs because they illustrate the father that Max was, as he gives out counsel to his daughter. Then in the next paragraph he talks about his other passion in life, his work as a literary editor.

Truly a man who worked to have a balance between dedication to family and dedication to his work.

Have a great week everyone!

Letter Images scanned from "Father to Daughter"

(Taken from a letter to Bertha dated June 10, 1927)
Berta, I hope you and the others too, will go to church with Grandma on Sundays. I believe you will like doing it too. You have a deep, religious nature--all people of a deep nature are religious truly, even if not technically--and if you can conform to a church it will be best for you and will help to make you happy. Few, if any, can go it alone in this world. And the truest things are known not by the mind but my the feelings. -- So do go to church and think about the Service. You'll have plenty of time for pleasure. There's no use to reason about things you know reason can never explain, and if you do it you get a habit of scepticism that enslaves you.
Tonight I just read the ms. of a History of Mankind, which is excellently done, and I hope you will sometime ready it. But how to publish it is a question--for colleges, or schools, or for the public in general; with pictures or without them? I started the author writing when you were only about five years old by suggesting a book to him which turned out successfully. He's Editor in Chief of the Herald-Tribune now. He's been working on this book for years.
Do write again soon, Sweetheart, and write as long a letter as you can.
Your Daddy