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26 Main St.
Windsor, VT 05089

802 227 0008

Pure. Fresh. Vermont

That's what we offer at the Snapdragon Inn. Join us for a  relaxing getaway and explore the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire. 

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Former owners of 26 Main Street: story continues


Taken on August 30, 1893 at the Golden Wedding of
William Maxwell Evarts and Helen Minerva Evarts

One Saturday, last summer, we were all working in the Inn when an older couple came to the door. They had driven up from Pennsylvania. I guessed they were in their 70's but Frances was 91! She and her husband had stopped by to visit "Grandma's House" and later wrote and said, "we were most impressed with all that was being done to bring the house up-to-date". Her grandmother, Elizabeth Hoar Evarts Perkins, was the third owner of 26 Main.

If you haven't read the former owner histories you can here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 . When Elizabeth died she left it to 3 of her 6 children, Maxwell Evarts Perkins (our editor), Charles Callahan Perkins and Molly Thomas. Charles became owner when Max and Molly died. None of his children wanted to own the home but they wanted it to stay in the family so they offered it to their cousins, and fortunately Bert and Zippy (Max's daughers) were delighted and became owners. Bert lived there for many years before she sold it to the Seale family and the sold it to us.


Jane, Zippy, Bert, Peggy: Zippy and Bert later owned 26 Main Street

I would like to thank Frances for visiting us last summer. It was wonderful to meet someone who had such cherished memories of the home. She was wonderful and said in a letter to us, "I would hope that we could manage to get over to Windsor again. However, I am 91 and find that I have to curtail my activities." She told us stories of running back and forth from the neighboring houses to play with her cousins at 26 Main just like the cousins in our family do. The family spirit is still very much alive at 26 Main and we are thrilled for the connections to the family history and proud to be the most recent addition.

Note: Frances sent us an incredible family treasure that we will share with you in the coming weeks. The picture above is part of it.