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Windsor, VT 05089

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Pure. Fresh. Vermont

That's what we offer at the Snapdragon Inn. Join us for a  relaxing getaway and explore the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire. 

Snapdragon Inn blog

Brimfielding 2010


Yesterday was great. Thanks to K80's master furniture list, we were able to easily look down our list and stay focused. We found some amazing lamps, great dressers, side tables, a very cool little chaise and "the peacock chair". We immediately pictured it in the garden of the Inn and thoughts of guests having their picture in "the peacock chair" popped into our heads. It was absolutely unique and a lot of people were interested. According to the seller, Billy, he bought it from a 92 year old woman 's estate sale. She bought it 32 years ago on Madison avenue for $1200 as a custom piece.

We will be repainting the dresser but it is in great shape and the chaise we found.

We went back in the afternoon to pick up the chaise which we had purchased from Billy. As we were chatting, another group of people walked by interested in the peacock chair and before I knew it, the pressure was on. Was the Snapdragon Inn going to own the peacock chair (a real conversation piece) or what? We got him down more (he has a big family and felt our family beat) and broke the hearts of the other potential buyers (which we had just experienced when a perfect love seat was sold for $50) and bought it! We are now thinking it might be perfect for a spot in the Inn. It is just that cool.

Loading the truck and a shot with Billy.

We loaded her in the truck and as we drove through the narrow tented aisles of Brimfield, there were whispers, "look, the chair", "they got the peacock chair" or my personal favorite, "Holy S***, that chair is amazing" as she came over to take a picture when we drove away. We felt like true Brimfielders being lauded by other Brimfielders.

Taking a picture of the woman taking a picture of the chair.

The quote of the day, "If you can't find it at Brimfield, it doesn't exist!"
and I believe it!

2 of the bazillion things you can find at Brimfield.

Then we ended it all with a lime rickey and fresh lemonade!

We are thinking we will have Brimfield weekends at the Inn. So you can come stay at the Inn, get your picture in the peacock chair and we will organize the trip down there, etc and make a whole experience out of it. What do you think?