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That's what we offer at the Snapdragon Inn. Join us for a  relaxing getaway and explore the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire. 

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Max's Mexican Adventure

The Snapdragon Inn

In 1915, Max Perkins joined the New Jersey National Guard and in 1916 was sent to the Mexican border. He was there for two months and had a great experience. Here are a couple of the little notes he sent home to his girls. As usual, I've taken these from Father to Daughter: The Family Letters of Maxwell Perkins edited by Bertha Perkins Frothingham, Louise Perkins King, and Ruth King Porter.

"Dear Bertha:--Daddy has to camp out again tonight,--to sleep in his clothes, on the ground, rolled up in a blanket. Then, tomorrow, he has to shoot a gun all day--- you have to shut one eye when you shoot a gun. First, you shoot kneeling, then lying, then sitting.
I hope he will be able to hit something.
Then he packs up for Bacation.

"August 5th
Berta my darlin, Wouldn't it be funny if two days a week mother took every single thing, beds and all, out of the house and put them in the street. Thats what we do with our tents...Then we pour water on the floor and stamp on it and rake it, and put all our things back again. The sun has made them all nice and clean,---at least it is supposed to."

After explaining their morning routine, Max goes on to write,

"Then we have to give the horses exercise so they won't get sick:-- We ride on one horse and lead another. That takes a long time,--till lunch time; and after lunch we sit down and write to our little girls and their mothers. Father"

I think all our experiences in life add to our perspective and our talents. The time in Mexico, serving the country and experiencing military life was helpful not just to Perkins' sense of the world, but also to his editorial talents. Being able to shoot a gun had to be helpful in dealing with Ernest Hemingway.

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