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26 Main St.
Windsor, VT 05089

802 227 0008

Pure. Fresh. Vermont

That's what we offer at the Snapdragon Inn. Join us for a  relaxing getaway and explore the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire. 

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The Snapdragon Inn

I'm about one step away from writer's block with this blog, but thankfully, thinking about writing and the inn made me think about all the writing I've had to do for the inn. I thought it might be interesting for our readers to get a glimpse into some of the behind the scenes preparations that don't include a hammer (unless a computer crashes.)

The Blog- obviously. I've really enjoyed becoming a regular contributor to the blog and learning all I can about Max Perkins and Windsor. There is such a great history in Windsor and we are so excited to be sharing that with everyone and we hope it draws them in to the inn. (play on words noted.)

Press releases- even though we don't have an official opening date, we've been working on preparing statements to be sent out as soon as we are ready. We try to write them from a variety of angles, the history of the house, the family that is working on it, the location, etc...

Brochures- Chris has amazing graphic design skills, so she is in charge of layout and I wrote all the tidbits that go in between her beautiful pictures.

Procedural manual- This is something that we are going to really buckle down and start to write hopefully this week. When you convert a home into an inn, you basically have to write your own owner's manual. It's going to be a big job.

Menus- This is the yummy part and we will rely on a chef and your great comments about what you love to eat for breakfast when we nail down the final menu. The problem is, we all get really hungry whenever we talk about it. We start saying things like, "Maybe we should print them on eclair colored paper with maple syrup brown ink." You get the picture.

Invitations- We've been experimenting with invitations for an open house for event planners. Planning an event for planners is somewhat daunting. It's a nice challenge to be creative without being too cheesy.

Grant proposal- Thanks to McKay we were awarded some money through the State of Vermont, for which we are incredibly thankful.

Facebook/Twitter- Although brief, these simple statements have helped us gain a few new friends! Welcome!

Those are the highlights. I'm sure that more will come the closer we get to actually opening the inn. Being so far away from the action, I'm glad that I can put some of my skills to use and help out. It's definitely an adventure!

Have a great week everyone!