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Pure. Fresh. Vermont

That's what we offer at the Snapdragon Inn. Join us for a  relaxing getaway and explore the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire. 

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The Snapdragon Inn

The Topic for this DIY Tuesday is Furniture, yay! While I can report that there are projects in the works, unfortunately we do not have any pictures to show right now. But the before and after photos will be up soon. Many of the Brimfield beauties are underway. So to just get you prepped for the final showing of many pieces that will grace the Snapdragon, we are going to have a crash course in the process of choosing a piece and then giving it a face lift.

In our nine rooms, we are creating an atmosphere of comfort, luxury, and with a bit of history. So we have gone about it, by picking pieces from the same time period, or that have similar shapes and detail, for each individual room. For example, the recent chairs that have received their face lift will be paired with low stream lined side tables, and a low streamlined headboard.

So a quick little lesson on refinishing an upholstered chair:
-Always check the structure before purchasing the chair, if it is broken beyond repair, do not buy it.
-Then once it is purchased, remove the fabric, and save the pieces for a pattern for the new fabric.
-Cut the new pieces, and staple them to the chair, sounds easy right! Now the tricky part of this is all the finessing and trial and error that comes with doing re-upholstering.But the after makes it all worth it.

Just a bit on refinishing a table, first it must be stripped, or sanded down. Once you have cleaned the old finish, apply your new finish, whether it be stain or paint. Once that is completed, apply a top coat of varnish, this will protect the new finish.

Here are some snap shots of the side tabled in process: The tables are in good condition, but have a few stains on them, so here are some shots of the process being started. The first is a circular stain, then there is a picture of it sanded out, but the final coat of satin has not been done and polished yet.