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Pure. Fresh. Vermont

That's what we offer at the Snapdragon Inn. Join us for a  relaxing getaway and explore the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire. 

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The definition of success

The Snapdragon Inn

Bon Jovi recently said in a popular song, "Who said you can't go home?"
Apparently, it was Thomas Wolfe, quoted as saying, "You can't go home again."
Jon can thank me later...

Thomas Wolfe and Max Perkins had a tremendous literary relationship as editors and authors go. Perkins was known for having the skill to handle difficult personalities such as Hemingway, Fitzgerald and Wolfe. All men who had to fight with their personal demons in order to produce literary masterpieces.

I find the following quote from Thomas Wolfe very interesting:

"If a man has talent and can't use it, he's failed. If he uses only half of it, he has partly failed. If he uses the whole of it, he has succeeded, and won a satisfaction and triumph few men ever know.”

It makes me wonder if he put himself under the pressure of fully using his talents. I'm not sure any of us can truly, fully, realize our potential and use our "whole" talent(s). I'm pretty sure I don't use the whole of my talent on a daily basis, and I still have moments of complete satisfaction in my life. I've even had moments of triumph. Of course they were over things like potty training a child, or mastering the baking of homemade bread, but I was triumphant none the less. I think if I defined myself by my talent of writing, then I would feel like a failure because I am only half using it. Fortunately, I see that I have many other talents and my personal satisfaction is not merely defined by one aspect of my life. The quote makes me wonder if Wolfe himself felt like a failure, partial failure or success. It also reminds me a bit of the process of creating the inn. We are all combining our talents and using them the best we can, and it has been satisfying in a way that can't be explained, but will it be a successful venture? The jury is still out on that one.

A little food for thought as you contemplate the coming new year and things you have accomplished and the things you WILL yet achieve. Here's to wishing that each of us find those creative areas in our lives that bring us fulfillment and success in our own eyes. In my world, you are only a failure if you have the desire, but you never try.

Happy New Year!