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Former Owners of 26 Main Street: Part 3-Elizabeth Hoar Evarts Perkins

The Snapdragon Inn

Part one of this series of 26 Main Street focused the earliest occupants of the building. Part two of this post discussed William Maxwell Evarts, the second and one of the most famous owners of 26 Main Street. One challenge in researching former owners is the lack of information on the women who lived in and owned 26 Main Street. We want to mention as much as we can about the wife of William Maxwell Evarts since it leads directly to the next owner of 26 Main Street, Elizabeth Hoar Evarts Perkins.

Based on New York Times articles and biographies we know that after graduating from Yale, William Maxwell Evarts visited Windsor to teach and practice law and set up a small firm in town. He also met Helen Minerva Bingham Wardner during this period. Helen was a native of Windsor, Vermont, born on June 22, 1820. She was the eldest child of a banker Allen Wardner who most notably served as Vermont State Treasurer from 1837-1838. William Maxwell Evarts married Helen Minerva Wardner in Windsor Vermont on August 30th, 1843.

Maxwell and Helen had twelve children, all born in New York City. Helen was busy.

Charles Butler Evarts 1845–1891
Roger Sherman Evarts 1847–1849
Allen Wardner Evarts 1848–1920
William Evarts 1851–1878
Hattie Sherman Evarts 1852–1917
Mary Evarts 1854–1920
Helen Minerva Evarts 1856–1920
Elizabeth Hoar Evarts 1858–1920 (third owner of 26 Main St.)
Prescott Evarts 1859–1920
Sherman Evarts 1859–??
Louisa Wardner Evarts 1861–1920
Maxwell Evarts 1862–1913

The family split their time between the the high society circles of New York City and Windsor, Vermont. The New York Times reported on debutante balls and social gatherings involving many of the children as well as their time in Vermont. Below is a picture of Helen in Windsor--note 26 Main Street in the background.

Elizabeth Hoar Evarts was the eighth Evarts child and was born in New York City on January 4th, 1858. She was married to Edward Clifford Perkins in Windsor, Vermont on August 2, 1882.

Based on the will of her father we know Elizabeth inherited 26 Main Street upon his death in 1901. Partial will (as printed in the New York Times) shown below:

Elizabeth Hoar Evarts Perkins became the third owner of 26th Main Street and we believe she owned it until her death in 1920. What happens next leads to perhaps the most famous residents of 26 Main Street--another group of Evarts decendants who called the location home for more than 80 years.