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Windsor, VT 05089

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Pure. Fresh. Vermont

That's what we offer at the Snapdragon Inn. Join us for a  relaxing getaway and explore the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire. 

Snapdragon Inn blog

The Snapdragon Inn

What a day! We are hoping to milk a few posts out of this baby (hence its own banner). We certainly scored some sweet finds giving us a fantastic start to the task at hand. We made some handy connections to dealers and got a good feel of whats out there. It was a HOT with clear blue skies. Great DAY!

Before we get into details on the loot we scored (as we organize and inventory) I am going to share with you a few ideas like Apartment Therapy did (from a newbie Brimfielder) on how we attacked Brimfield having never been, having no idea what we were going to find or what the heck we were doing.

(when in fact you don't and have planned the trip at the last minute)

1. Have a list and stay focused!
-- K80, McKay and I spent an invaluable 30 minutes the night before making a list of what we needed and it became very apparent that bedside tables (we need 18) were top on the list along with desks and interesting sitting chairs.
-- There is so much there and we have already planned that next year we will take a trip for US!

One of the Sweet Bedside table pair we scored

2. Have a team.
-- K80 and I got there about 10AM (we are only 2 hours from Brimfield!) where we met Rich and Paula who made their way from Boston. McKay and Liz (my mother-in-law visiting from New Zealand) brought the truck down around 12:30. This means we had 6 sets of eyes weeding through masses for things on our list. Its almost like we planned it to work so well...this was so last minute!

McKay, K80, Chris, Paula, Rich and Liz was taking the picture

3. Stay hydrated.
-- It was in the upper 80's with clear skies so it was hot and you can just wither. We opted to each wear camel backs that we used during our marathon training so we didn't have to clutter our hands with water bottles, which really made us look uber professional. Good call.

4. Stay connected.
--We stayed together most of the time but after you have spent the day buying the odd chair here and there, you have a lot of collecting to do and that is when the real organization comes to play. We looked at a map and worked out where things were and broke up to find it, bring it to the road where our truck moved along the roadside. We may not have used our radios much, but they are certainly faster than fumbling with your cell and really make you look like you know what's what at Brimfield.

McKay, Chris, and K80 get on the same channel and wave length. Go team.

5. Have Large Vehicle to Transport the Goods.
-- Going to Brimfield without some way of taking stuff home is like going to your favorite restaurant with your most favorite food in the whole wide world (got it?) without a mouth. Ok dumb analogy but it would be the same sort of utter disappointment. McKay drove our 16 ft Ryder truck down like a pro and Rich helped us maneuver through the crowds to retrieve and load and drove home.

McKay shows off her truck driving awesomeness

6. If you want a chaise lounge be there at dawn.
-- We weren't looking for one (well I am personally) and now I know that if I want one, i really do need to leave here at 4AM next time. Good to know.

Stay Tuned for more Brimfield Bits in the coming days.