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26 Main St.
Windsor, VT 05089

802 227 0008

Pure. Fresh. Vermont

That's what we offer at the Snapdragon Inn. Join us for a  relaxing getaway and explore the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire. 

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The Snapdragon Inn

Last night I was attending a wedding reception and a friend asked "what would there be to do in Windsor Vermont?" as they were thinking about being one of our early guests at the Inn. I told them about a bunch of stuff, which I will discuss in future posts, all of which are consistent with popular travel activities. Leafing, birding, antique hunting, garden visiting, skiing, museum hopping, etc, but the one I got most animated in telling about was off-roading. Now, you need to understand that those of us who live in the great northwest are pretty smug about the fact that we have the best and most challenging off-roading in the world. Not sure that is true, but we are nonetheless sure! Kinda of like I am rarely correct, but never in doubt!

Anyway, my Sense of Place for Windsor was further reinforced earlier this summer when Nate Larson (otherwise know as the Leader of the Pack), decided to take his modified (more on that in a minute) Land Rover, (the pride of the British Armed Forces), out into the wilds south of town to look at some real estate (one of our favorite activities). We roamed around the hills a bit, and then decided to head out along the shores of Mill Pond back to the main highway. Mill Pond was created when the dam was built to run the sprouting machine shops along Mill Brook. I am not sure of the exact date and am still researching it, but it had to be before 1846. (See more history here). I plan to write more about the machine industry in the future, but for now the point is that the dam created a beautiful pond, and at the southern end, a very interesting wetland full of ferns, birds and incredible tranquility just minutes out Hwy. 44 from town.

Now, we (including Nate) had been warned about this wetland, including a stern warning by local Real Estate Broker Seth Warren, an avid off roader and Mog enthusiast. Nevertheless, we went unheeded into the mud, and British pride notwithstanding, we were soon up to our running boards in it. The following series of pictures tell the story, but suffice it to say that the rescue of Seth Warren in his Japanese built Toyota was most welcome, pride notwithstanding. Fortunately, Nate did not get his white shirt dirty, and I got to see a part of this place that not many do and I am not sure I would have but for this experience!

Oh yeah, before I go, check out the missing sheet metal from the front quarter panel on the passenger side of the Land Rover. I have heard various stories about how, what and when this occurred, but the one I like best has Nate stuck out somewhere without Seth Warren at the ready. Apparently, he needed to cook some meat to stay alive, and simply took a piece of the sheet metal to act as a frying pan. Yet another testimony to the ingenuity of the family behind Snapdragon!

This is beautiful country folks! It cannot help but capture the imagination with its myriad colors, sounds and smells. I am growing to love it more each visit, and hope that you too can be enticed to give it a try!

-- Rich