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26 Main St.
Windsor, VT 05089

802 227 0008

Pure. Fresh. Vermont

That's what we offer at the Snapdragon Inn. Join us for a  relaxing getaway and explore the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire. 

Snapdragon Inn blog

What's in a Name?

The Snapdragon Inn

The most often debated topic in all of our discussions was the name. Our group is full of smart, well educated, and professionally trained people. Many of us have worked in marketing and promotion for years. Hence the problem. We settled into two schools of thought.

One was to use an historical name — something that included the name of a previous owner, the geographic location, or an event or events associated with 26 Main Street. There was no shortage of important previous owners. The family that owned the home for over 100 years included a former US Attorney General & US Secretary of State and the editor of Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Thomas Wolfe.

The other angle on naming was to come up with something fresh, new, unexpected, and targeted at an audience that might not have an interest or knowledge of the history, but would have interest in a well-appointed, well operated, unique, inn.

We did everything you are supposed to do in these circumstances. We created lists, we tested names with groups, we searched URLs and other existing businesses with similar names, we turned everything on its head, and then did it all over again. The naming for the historical category never really came together; it always stayed a small list of less than satisfying options. The name for the new concept came to us in a less than inspiring location—looking at seed packets—but was instantly something that caught everyone’s attention. Snapdragon Inn.

In the end, we have created a marketing plan that will indeed tell the story of 26 Main Street, including the installation of the Maxwell Perkins Library. Snapdragon Inn inspires the look, feel, and ideas behind our designs, but the history and sense of place associated with 26 Main Street is unavoidable and something guests will adsorb, learn, and take with them as they visit with us again and again. Snapdragon Inn.

-- Nate