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That's what we offer at the Snapdragon Inn. Join us for a  relaxing getaway and explore the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire. 

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unexpected finds

The Snapdragon Inn

One thing that happens when you open up the walls and floors of a 180+ year old building is that you make discoveries. Sometimes these things are great - pieces of old wallpaper, "trash" that has turned into treasure by its aged nature, remnants of previous room uses, etc. And sometimes, these things are NOT great - like beams where you need a doorway, or plumbing, or anything other than a solid wall!

On the third floor, we're gaining space for a couple of bathrooms by walling in what is currently a rather large hallway / landing area. The picture shows the new wall and the floor of what has previously been the hallway. I've been using masking tape to mark off walls and features of the new spaces, so that I can "walk through" them in some fashion. In the picture on the left, the sawhorse is sitting in what will be a shower, and in the picture on the right, the shower has a few wall pieces sitting in it. You'll notice in the middle, in a place that will be a sound-insulated wall, a hole has been cut in the floor.

Bob, the awesome member of our contracting team who has been on-site all week, cut this hole to see what exactly was under our soon-to-be showers. See that very solid portion at the lower end of the hole? Yep, that's a beam. Dead center in the shower area. Right where our drains were going to go. Sigh...

Here are the options we've come up with so far.
1. Move the showers. If we were not already fitting bathrooms into strange spots, this would be easy. But in the case of these rooms, that's the only place for the showers to go, unless we cut into the adjoining rooms, losing guest room space. I don't like this idea - it means more room demo, less guest room space.

2. Move the drains. This would mean one of three things - either finding a shower pan with a drain in a corner instead of centered, having a pan custom-made with a different drain placement ($$$), or tiling the floor of these showers.

3. Move the beam. This sounds like a crazy one, but on the phone our architect mentioned that we are putting in a partition wall very close to this spot in the floor below, and that we could possibly hide the beam in that wall, allowing us to cut through this beam without structural ramifications.

Anyone have any other ideas? Sources for shower pans with nontraditional drain placements? I'm meeting with the architect this morning to review our options, I'll report back with what we discover...

-- McKay