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Pure. Fresh. Vermont

That's what we offer at the Snapdragon Inn. Join us for a  relaxing getaway and explore the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire. 

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Discoveries: newspapers

The Snapdragon Inn

Another round of demolition over the weekend yielded more than just plaster dust and debris; we discovered our oldest find yet, a section of the Christian Watchman dated February 9, 1844. Nate found it after we took down the back wall of a closet - it was shoved between the plaster and the brick.

I believe we have what constitutes an entire issue, which is one broadsheet folded, making 4 pages. The Watchman, a Baptist publication, seems primarily concerned with goings on in the New England and national Baptist communities, and has many notices of ordinations and obituaries, as well as editorials, letters to the editor, and lessons on Christian doctrine.

This trumped our previous "oldest find", a New York Times from July 25, 1949 that Keighty and I found hiding under a set of built-in drawers in a different closet.

But the Times DEFINITELY wins for best ads. Here's a sampling:

-- McKay