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bathroom inspirations: domino magazine

The Snapdragon Inn

In my previous bathroom inspirations post, I mentioned that domino had featured some great bathrooms recently that I would scan and put up. Of course, I am DROWNING in domino magazines, and I can't seem to find the specific ones I had in mind - except for one, from the May 2008 issue. The overall look of this bathroom isn't what we're going for, but it definitely has elements that we'll be including:

I kept some of their notes on the image, since they are applicable to our design concept; mainly, the tiles and the sink.

For the sink, they mention that "A pedestal with a wide top means ample room for toiletries." Hallelujah, I am with them on that one. I really like the sink they show in the picture, but that was a (pretty awesome) salvage-shop find; the one they recommend as a replacement, however, doesn't have the kind of setting-down space I am looking for though - Porcher Lutezia - looks a little skimpy on the ledge space, no? If I can't have the one from this picture, then I think I prefer the other sinks I've picked out.

-- McKay